Ore Procurement

ROGESA requires approx. 7 million tons of iron ore each year for operation at full capacity. Of this, approx. 4.7 million tons are fine ores, and the rest is made up of pellets and lump ore.

The primary supplying countries or regions currently are Brazil, Africa, North America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

In addition to contract and price negotiations, our raw materials procurement also coordinates maritime transport directly with the shipping companies and brokers.

Intermediate storage of the ore is primarily carried out in the ARA ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam). The ore is efficiently transported to Dillingen via both rail and barges thanks to the coordination efforts of SHS Logistics GmbH.

The fine ore is combined in the blending beds with fuels and aggregate materials for use in the sintering plant, where it is processed into sinter, while pellets and lump ore are intended to be used directly in the blast furnaces.

We rely on highly capable and qualified partners – which could include you, specifically as a supplier – to safeguard both the supply of raw materials and the production of both of our parent companies.

The quality of the raw materials used is of particular importance to ROGESA. You can find our requirements in the following appendix.

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