Sale of by-products

Coke, iron and steel are the most familiar goods produced by an integrated iron and steel works, but products such as ferrous metallurgical slag (blast furnace/steelworks) and coal derivatives (coking plant) are manufactured here as well.

Lump blast furnace slag is formed by slowly cooling the liquid slag in the slag beds. Afterwards, it is prepared (crushed or screened) and used as a material for road and pathway construction.

Granulated blast furnace slag is produced by quickly cooling the liquid slag with water in the granulation plants. Due to its latent hydraulic properties, granulated blast furnace slag is used to produce German-standard cement for the construction materials industry.

The use of ferrous slag in road construction and farming results in responsible use of natural resources.

Continuous development efforts are aimed at optimizing by-products to meet the quality standards our customers require. Moreover, ferrous slag is a product that is standardized according to EN/DIN and is monitored through extensive quality controls.